Nearby Attractions / Activities

Corbett National Park

Named after legendary Jim Corbett, the Tiger Reserve is spread over 525 square kms of deciduous forest and grasslands. It is home to about 50 mammal species, 25 reptile species and 580 species of birds and of course the King of Jungle - The Tiger. One can visit the forest in 4 X 4 open jeep safaris during early hours of the day or in the afternoons.



Situated at 1938 mts above sea level and 60 Kms (2 hours drive) from resort, this is a beautiful, famous and largest hill town in the region. The town was discovered in 1939 by an Englishman called Barron and is a birthplace for legendary Jim Corbett. The lake is 3620 mts in circumference and the whole town is located around it with peaks like Cheena, Kilbury, Laria Kanta, Deopatta, Camel's Back, Dorothy's Seat, Tiffin Top and Snow View which is accessible by ropeway. The famous "Mall Road" runs along oneside of the lake and is marked by various hotels, eating joints and shops. One can hire cycle rickshaws to move around the mall. At the end of the mall there is a playground which hosts plenty of cricket and football tournaments of local / regional teams. At the lake one can take ride on row boats or peddle boats.



It was named after one of the Pandav brothers called Bhim and is the largest lake in the district of Nainital. Close enough to drive - 2 hours from resort, but far from being overrun by the holidaying hordes that cluster in Nainital, Bhimtal is a luxury taste of tranquility. Here the natural beauty is immense and peace is in abundance. It is located at an altitude of 1371 mts above sea level amongst the Kumaon hills and the Bhimtal lake is 1701 mts by 265 mts.


Naukuchia Tal

It is located at 1219 Kms and approximately 15 Kms from Hotel and Bhimtal. Naukuchia Tal means "Nine Cornered Lake" and is a pristine lake town of the region. A perfect place for day visits and picnics to explore the beauty of the place and enjoy the boat ride on row & peddle boats in the clear and still waters of lake. The trees which fringe the waters' edges are mossy, and are festooned with creepers and orchids.


At 1830 mts above sea level and approx 55 kms from Bhimtal this quaint hill town offers hill charm in all its glory. Ranikhet means "Queen's Field" and is named after wife 12th century king, Sudhar Deve. It was built in 19th century and was a popular retreat for British. Nearby one can visit Government Fruit & Vegetable research station where one can wander through the orchards and flower groves and sample the fruits fresh from trees during Aug-Sep. Also close by is one of the highest golf courses of the world at Uphat.



It is located 2300 mts above sea level and is approximately 45 kms from Bhimtal. The town's name is derived from Sanskrit words of "Mukti" - means eternal life and "Ishwar" - another word for God. This hill town many magnificent views of Himalayan peaks like Neelkantha, Nandaghunti, Trishul, Nandadevi and Panchhuli. On a clear day one can even view peaks of Api and Nampa over Nepal. The sunrise view from Mukteshwar will leave you spellbounded. Also in store is exploration of forest area where you may catch the glimpse of Mountain Leopard, Himalayan Black bear or wild boar. Mukteshwar and surroundings have nearly 200 species of birds, 15 varieties of fruits, 70 varieties of flowers and 18 species of mammals.